Lake Lanier, Georgia

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January 15 - The January Tournament wasn't very inviting. Bad weather and heavy rain storms during the week ended on Friday. What is left us was a nasty cold front. The air temps was low 20s to start mixed in with a 20-25MPH NW wind making it feel like single digits. Evidentially, the fish didn't care for it either. We had 9 boats brave the conditions. 3 boats managed to catch a striper.

1st place with 2 fish and 49.25" is Striper Sniper. Not sure but they may have been in Flat Creek. Rippin Lips had 2nd Place and Big Fish with a 31.25" striper.  3rd Place goes to Team Greene with a 24" striper. Matt was fishing in Shoal Creek.

Mostly everyone found fish and had fish moving, but no takers. There were many fish high in the water column in around 20'. We had teams pull umbrella rigs unsuccessfully. Also a lot of fish on a 50' bottom with lockjaw. We have determined they have been eating a bunch of the threadfin that are dying in the bait kill. The water temps have dropped by about 6 degrees in a fairly short period (days). This wounded some of the threadfin schools. The water temps were in the 46-47 degree range in the south and as low as 42 up north.

January 11 - Our OSC Tournament is this Saturday from 7:00AM to 2:00PM. Again with virtual weigh in, you don't need to be back at the weigh in. Your pictures must be submitted prior to 2:00. Make sure the pics are clean and legible

The weather looks like it will hold out for us. The rain on Friday shows it ending around midday. We will be fishing a post front. It will be on or around 32 degrees at start and warm up to 38 or so. Better than last 2 weekends.

There aren't a lot of reports due to holidays and freezing temps. I do know that the water temps are mid 40s. Fish are still half way to rear of creeks as they should be this time of year. A mix of small baits and big baits makes sense. No signs of any bait kill. Normally when we have a long period of freezing like we had, the bait will get weak and die off, especially threadfins. If so, fish the bottom or 1-2' off the bottom. The Urig or Alabama rig has been producing fairly well.