Lake Lanier, Georgia

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May 15 - The May Tournament had a strong turnout with 19 boats. Water temps were in the 72-74 degree range. The day itself was pretty. The heavy rains and storms ended hours before the tournament start. We had mostly cloudy conditions with  little wind. Air temps started at 60 degrees and climbed into the mid 70s, once the sun came out. Fishing was strong, with 15 of the 19 boats catching fish. It was a slow start for most. It took some time for the fish to overcome the storms last night and possibly not turn on till the sun peeked through.

1st Place went to Fish Hunter with 55.75". Bob fished North and got his mostly on downlined herring. 2nd Place went to Abercrombie & Fish with 53". They also had Big Fish with 28.25". Bryan got his up North with Parker spoons. 3rd went to Lynn and gang from Nauti by Nature with 52.75" Lynn got hers somewhere around River Forks.  4th went to Backwoods with 52". Jeremy went way up the Hootch but winded up come back down to get his.  5th went to Double Trouble with 51.75". Junior found his in his normal areas around Little River. They got theirs on downlined herring.  6th went to Team Chaser with 50.5". Bob and Keith had the back of Flat Creek all to themselves. Their fish came on 100' freelines. 7th went to Main & Arrow with 50" Ricky got his on downlines North. Striper Sniper also had 50" and had 8th place. 9th place went to Head Honcho/ Honcho & Amigo aka Castillo. Leoenel had 48.25". They were right in the North mix of the other boats.  10th went to Team Greene with 47.5" 11th went to Pribco with 47". Fish Easyhad 45" and 12th place. Nate fished South with downlines. Lanier Striper had 45" as well, good for 13th. 14th went to Back in Black with 43.75". Mike got his on downlines as well. Little River Boys had a single 26" fish for 15th.

The pattern was the same North and South. Three boats stayed South. All three had similar catches as the 16 boats fishing North.  Fishing downlines in 50-60' of water was the ticket. Fish were holding in 30'. Umbrella rigs and spooning also played a factor. The separation from 1st to 15th was a mere 5". The average catch was around 23-26"

May 8 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday, May 13th from 6:30AM to 2:00PM. Fishing has been pretty good. There appear to be more fish up North now. Expect them to be headed south. Water temps are between 69 and 70 in the morning. The downline bite has been the most consistent as of lately. Fish have been from a 20-50' bottom for the most part. Topwater and umbrella rigs are still catching fish as well.  

The meeting is next Monday, May 15th. We are having a social meet and greet meeting. A night filled with fish stories and camaraderie.
We are looking for some contributions on food and dessert. We have Lewis bringing a couple of Boston Butts as of now. There has been some talk about a low country boil. Respond back and share your ideas. Anyone who can help in cooking or preparing let me know.

April 15 - The April 15th tournament came right during the beginning of the Striper spawning season. Predictions were a mid 60s win. Weather was great with 60 degree start and 80 degree finish. Water temps were 69-71 degrees. A perfect day. How about the fishing. We had 17 boats fish and fishing turned out good for most with 15 boats catching fish. The whole pack ran North, chasing the stripers up lake and river.
1st place with 70" and Big Fish with a 37" male, is Backwoods. Jeremy and Brandon have been more than consistent lately. They got theirs up North, south of the river in 20' or so. They caught them mainly on herring and shad. Freelines and boards did the trick. 2nd Place went to Nauti by Nature with 67.75". Lynn and Josh fish Northwest in mid creek areas. They pulled big and little shad. Managed a good fish on a small gizzard downline. 3rd place went to Team Green with 65.5". Matt stuck it out in one of his favorite watering holes, also Northwest.  Simpson Trucking aka Castillo aka Honcho aka Head Honcho had 4th with 60.75" Leonel and Shawn fished south of the Hooch around Ada. They pulled points and put up some numbers. 5th place went to Fintastic with 53.75" Mike and Jim caught theirs in open water on a mix of baits. 6th place went to Hogans Hero's with 52.25". Double Trouble had 52" and 7th Place. They hit Juniors usual Little River area. It paid off in good numbers.  Striper Sniper had 50.75" and 8th place. They stayed from Laurel to Clarks Bridge. They fished big baits with no takers. Settled on some medium stripers. Lanier Striper had 9th place a 1/4 of and inch behind with 50.5".  Nate of Team Nathan got 10th with 49.75". Nate also put up some numbers. He stayed in 5-10' of water in the back of a creek. He fished from Sardis to Little River area. 11th went to Abercrombie and Fish with 44.5" Bryan stayed out in open water for his. 12th went to Cato Marine Repair with 38". Tony got his just like Bryan. We had 3 teams get a single striper.
Fishing was good. A number of teams fishing for fun had big numbers, both in the backs of creeks as well as open water. The fish have moved off of small baits and keyed in on herring as a diet. Medium shad did account for a good many as well. All fish caught were report as males. The river bite was slow to non existent. Expect the spawn to happen this week and watch for the hungry mature fish to come down the lake some.

April 13 - The Oakwood Striper Club Tournament is this Saturday, April 15th from 7:00Am till 2:00pm. Sign up at OBT.
We are expecting a beautiful day with a low 60's temp to start and heating up to low 80's at finish. Hopefully we will see 20 or more boats again. If we get 20 or more OBT donates a $100 store gift certificate.

Fishing has been good in general. Its settled back in now that the storms are over. The lake is at 1062.43. It rose over a foot from last weeks 3" of rain. The main channel is still a good producer of bites. Fish shiners and herring on freelines over open water. Try fishing main lake points. Fish are staging for their spawn next week. Normally they spawn around the 15th give or take a few days. Water temps in 62-65 and past full moon, we are there. The big fish pattern is a little different. Fishing large shad is going to be the ticket.  Try backs of the creeks or large flats of the main channel up and down the lake. Remember, not all fish travel up river to spawn and some fish don't attempt to spawn every year.

The meeting is Monday, April 17th. Our guest speaker is from The Coast Guard Auxiliary for Lake Lanier. The discussion will be boat safety. Maybe we should invite the jet skiers and bass boaters to the meeting. Yes, I just said that!

Good luck to all fishing!

March 18 - Reminder: We have our Striper club meeting on Monday, March 20 at 6:30.  The DNR biologists will be giving their presentation on the status of the lake.

March 13 - The March Tournament was a great event. We shared the day with our brothers in the Lanier Club as well as the Team Maggie folks. Team Maggie put on a great event, for a great cause as well. A total of 50 boats fished. The Oakwood Club had 20 boats on the water. Water temps were in the 56-58 degree range. Air temps were a coolish 40 degree start and warmed up to mid 50s. The wind wasn't a factor at 4MPH.
   The 1st place team was Striper Sniper with 69" and Big Fish of 36.75". They also won the Team Maggie event and had Big Fish. Hogan's Heros had 2nd with 67.75" Lewis fish in 2 Mile Creek. He also finished 2nd in Maggie. Team Honcho (AKA Castillo/Simpson) had 3rd with 66.75" They also were 3rd in Maggie. Nauti by Nature had 4th with 62". Lynn stayed south for her fish.  5th went to Chaser with 61.5". Bob fished with Keith M in Flat and 2 Mile. 6th went to Backwoods with 60.25". 7th went to Pribco with 60". 8th went to Double Trouble with 53.25". They all fished North, possibly Little River. They caught 20 fish or more. Main Arrow had 9th with 49.75". Ricky fished in Flat and south of there. Back in Black had 47" and 10th place. From here we had a number of teams with solid single fish entries including Abercrombie and Fish with a 34" fish.
    The majority of fish were caught on shiners on the surface (no split shot). Most fished them on planers boards and or freelines. Big shad put up a few fish. The shad did their job bringing attention to the spread. Most people complained about numerous blow ups on the shad with few takers. The patterns were all over the place. Fish were caught in 100' of water as well as 5' of water. The school fish (smaller) were scattered over the channels in and around the mouths of the creeks or in the actual main river channel. The better fish seemed to be on humps around this deep water, especially the reef poles. We had 20 or more groups fish in the Maggie Tournament. A few didn't sign up to the Oakwood Tournament saving OBT a $100. Everytime we have 20 or more boats, OBT donates a $100 for a raffle. We recorded 2 skunks in the Oakwood Tournament and OSC had 8 of the top 10 finishes in the Maggie Tournament.

March 7 - The OSC tournament is this Saturday, March 11th. It is a week earlier than normal. We decided as a club to fish along with the TEAM MAGGIE tournament. You do not need to be participating in the Team Maggie tournament to be in the OSC tournament. You can however be in both if you wish. Sign ups for OSC is at Oakwood Bait.

Fish Team Maggie and OSC - $100 entry Team Maggie and $30 entry Oakwood
Fish Team Maggie and OSC points only - $100 entry Team Maggie - sign up OBT $0
Fish OBT only - $30 entry at OBT

Start time is safe light or 6:30AM. Weigh in is at Little Hall Park at the Tournament Pavilion at 2:00. Come by boat or by truck. There is plenty of dock space to tie up to at courtesy docks behind the ramps.

The meeting is still on March 20th. Our guest speakers will be our own Lake Lanier fish biologists from the DNR.

February 20 - The February Tournament turned out to be a jam packed event. We had 22 boats fish in 53 degree waters with some light drizzle mixed with mostly cloudy skies. The prediction was 70". We did better than the weatherman on this one. Team Chaser had 70.25" for 1st place. Bob and Charles fished in the very back of Mud Creek in 20' or less. The big fish came on a Gizzard shad all the rest were on shiners. 2nd Place went to Backwoods with 61". Jeremy and Brandon also stayed south. They got 1 on a trout and the rest on shiners. 3r place went to Fish Hunter with 53.5". Right on their tail was Shawn of Fishawn with 53". Shawn fished in Chetatee Bay.  Nauti by Nature had 5th with 52.5". Lynn and the gang had good numbers and also stayed south. Little River boys stayed consistent with 52.25" and 6th place. Lanier Striper had 7th with 51.25". Back in Black had 50.75" and 8th place. Striper Sniper had 9th with 50.25" Rooster and Jeff fished Flat and 2 Mile.  Hogans Heros had 10th with 47.75". 11th place and the BIG story of the day went to Bucktales. Buck caught the only fish of the day caught on a herring. It was the Big Fish at 40.75" and 33 pounds. He got it North in Gainesville Creek.  Congrats on a great catch. 12th went to Abercrombie and Fish with 42.25". 13th place went to Double Trouble with a single fish at 37". They lucked out and won the OBT raffle or $100 at the weigh in. Anytime there is 20 or more boats, OBT raffles a gift certificate. Team Perko had a 23.25" fish for 14th and Fintastic had a 21.75" for 15th place. We actually had a couple of boats that had fish that didn't make it back to the weigh in on time. So the numbers are 17 boats caught fish. Fishing shiners on the south end of the lake was definitely the best pattern. Fish were caught in Flat, Balus, Mud, 2 Mile, Shoal, Gainesville, Chestatee Bay and Flowery Branch to name a few.

February 15 - The Oakwood Striper Tournament is this Saturday, February 18th, from 7AM to 2PM. Fishing has been very good lately. Not much has changed. Water temps are 53-55 degrees. Stripers are feeding heavy on medium shiners. Big stripers are feeding on shad in the 10-14" size. Fish them shallow. Fish are being caught from 2' of water down to 40'. Freelines and planer boards have been the best success as of late. Have a small jig to throw into schooling fish. Weather for Saturday is great as well. Expect lows to be in the low to mid 40's warming up to 60.

The meeting is Monday, February 20th at 6:30PM.  Bill Carson will be our guest speaker. Topics include using fishfinders. More importantly, sonar as well as side imaging.

January 15 - We had a highly unlikely Tournament day. Weather was perfect with a 52 degree start and a high of around 70 degrees. There was good cloud cover mixed with a light breeze 0-5mph. Water temps were around 53 to start and heating up to 55 by mid day. Normal January temps are around 41-42 degrees. We don't see the 50's till late March or early April. Fish were predominately in the backs of the creeks. 1st Place and Big Fish went to Striper Sniper with 71". The big fish was 37.25". Its there 2nd win in a row. Rooster and Jeff pulled large shad in the rear of a Southern creek in 10' or less. They caught 5 or 6 fish and missed a big one. 2nd Place went to Jeremy of Backwoods with 63" Jeremy fished the small shiner pattern on freelines in Flat and Balus. 3rd went to Chaser with 56". Bob fished the same small bait pattern with shiners on #6 hooks on freelines. He fished in Flat with good numbers. 4th went to Nauti by Nature with 54.25". Josh stayed in a south creek as well and also put up good numbers fishing with shiners on freelines. 5th went to Abercrombie and Fish with 53". 6th went to Lanier Striper with 52.75". 7th went to Pribco with 52.5". 8th went to Fishawn with 49.25". 9th went to Higgy with 31.5". Higgy tried his Birthday luck in Shoal. He was on a big school of dieting fish. 10th went to Double Trouble with 26". Junior and gang were the only boat North. They fished in Little River. They found a lot of fish that wouldn't eat. One boat in there had good numbers on the shiner bite. 11th went to A & H with 18". They fished Flowery with the same story, lots of fish but the wrong pattern. All in all we had 14 boats fish a beautiful day. The pattern was almost all freelines. Either as big as you dare to pull or as small as you can get a hook in it. No fish on down lines. We had 1 fish on a trout and 1 or 2 on a herring. Shiners and shad prevail.

January 11 - Its official. The Tournament is this Saturday. Lines in at 7:30AM, weigh in at OBT at 2:30PM. Good luck to all. If the weather pattern sticks, I'm expecting to see good numbers being caught.

January 10 - The OSC Tournament is this Saturday. We need some help on times. Consider that the Falcons are on at 4:30.  We have a couple of votes from 7:30-2:30. The weather looks good this week warming up into the 60s. Saturday shows a start of about 52 degrees. That would be nice. Let me know.