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Postby John Bringuel » Sat Jun 16, 2012 6:57 am

Come and be a part of our "Fishing Family". Our Club has some of the best guys and gals you will ever meet. We have an array of Striper fisherman including Professional guides, experienced weekend anglers, and beginners as well. We are all about learning how to catch Stripers, having fun, making new friends and getting a good dose of fishing fellowship. We all try to work together, sharing information and even fishing holes. (Not on Tournament days- LOL) The goal is to have a network of "Brotherly" fisherman that can help each other stay on top of catching Striped Bass year round.

Keeping things inexpensive and simple is our plan. Dues cost $25 per quarter. This includes a meal at each meeting if you attend. You can't beat that.

We have a tournament each month. It's generally more fun than competitive. Tournaments cost a total of $30 per boat. That includes a $10 Big Fish Prize. The tournaments are always 100% payback.
Come and be a part of our "Fishing Family". Our Club has some of the best guys and gals you will ever meet.

We meet on the 3rd Monday of each month. Dinner and Fish Stories start at 6:30 and the meeting normally starts around 7:00 pm.

We meet at the Zion Hills Baptist Church at 4100 Falcon Parkway, Flowery Branch, GA 30042.

We try to have an expert fisherman speak at each meeting. Some of guest speakers include: Mack Farr, Clay Cunningham, Bill Carson, Tim Adrien, Mike Maddelina, Shane Foster, Doug Youngblood. And Nick Jamison (DNR).

We run our meeting in an open forum. Anyone and everyone gets a chance to speak and share info if you want.

Guests are always welcome. There is never a charge if you want to come listen and eat.

We will see you all at the meeting.


If you are a member of the club and do not have access to the rest of the forum, please send a Private Message or email to Mitchell. Include your full name and join date (if a new member) and he will work on getting you access to the entire forum.
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